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Customer Logos

<!-- Customer Logos -->
<div class="mx-auto">
    <div class="grid grid-cols-1 md:grid-cols-2 lg:grid-cols-4 gap-6 text-center">
        <h2 class="col-span-1 md:col-span-2 lg:col-span-4 text-xl uppercase font-light text-slate-500">Trusted By</h2>
            <img src="/images-ui/logo-mock.png" alt="Logo" class="inline-block">

            <img src="/images-ui/logo-mock.png" alt="Logo" class="inline-block">

            <img src="/images-ui/logo-mock.png" alt="Logo" class="inline-block">

            <img src="/images-ui/logo-mock.png" alt="Logo" class="inline-block">
</div><!-- / Customer Logos -->


<!-- Quote -->
<blockquote class="w-full md:w-3/4 lg:w-1/2 mx-auto text-center">
    <p class="font-serif text-xl md:text-2xl italic text-slate-500">You will never be a leader others love to follow if you aren't a leader who loves people.<br>- Craig Groeschel</p>

Simple Card

<!-- Simple Card -->
<div class="p-6 rounded-md shadow-md relative bg-white">
    <div class="prose-headings:font-black prose-p:mb-3">
        <h3>Skyscrape Ascend</h3>
        <p>At Skyscrape Ventures, our Skyscrape Ascend program is not just an investment—it's a partnership. Dedicating ourselves to nurturing the next generation of tech innovators, we delve deeper than the surface, emphasizing leadership enhancement and a people-first philosophy.</p>
        <p>By merging our expertise in technology development with our commitment to fostering leadership qualities, we ensure our ventures have the foundation to become generational businesses. Our approach goes beyond capital, providing mentorship, resources, and tools to help startups truly soar.</p>
        <p class="font-bold">Skyscrape Ascend: Where Visionaries Take Flight.</p>

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